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The Rime Buddhist Center is a non-sectarian Tibetan Buddhist center located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. We are located in a beautiful 7,000 sq. foot, 100-year-old church, that can accommodate up to 250 people. On the second floor is a residential retreat center with twelve beds, divided into a men's and a women's dorm. The Rime Center also has a gift shop and bookstore that carries a variety of Dharma books and practice items.

Event Highlights

Lama Lena Dzogchen Weekend Teachings

Wild Free Dance of Yoginis, Dancing with the Monkey Mind

Lama Lena

We are Delighted to announce that Lama Lena will be returning to the Rime Buddhist Center May 2-4.

Lama Lena holds both Nyingma and Kagyu Dzogchen/Mahamudra lineages. She will be teaching Dzogchen/Magamudra, sometimes referred to as 'thought free wakefulness.'

Mahamudra and Dzogchen are perhaps the most profound teachings within all of Tibetan Buddhism. The experience of Mahamudra, or 'great symbol,' is an overwhelming sense of extraordinary clarity, totally open and non-dualistic. Dzogchen, or 'great perfection,' is the ultimate teaching and also represents the pinnacle of spiritual development. These are the two paths that provide practitioners with the most skillful means to experience the fully awakened state and directly taste the reality of our mind and environment. And yet these concepts are notoriously difficult to grasp and challenging to explain.

Lama Lena's great capacity is to directly and clearly touch the needs of her audience. Her delivery is exactly what the great teachings of Dzogchen point at: there is one flavor and it is all the heart of all beings and phenomena. At the request of H.E., Zigar Choktrul Rimpoche and Ven. Wangdor Rinpoche - as well as many Western and Tibetan dharma students - she has been traveling and teaching from the lineages she holds in an informal style tht is humorous, artful, and well worth experiencing.

For more information: view the flyer here.

Teaching Schedule:

Friday, May 2nd
7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Session 1
Saturday, May 3rd
10:00 a.m. until noonSession 2
2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.Session 3
Sunday, May 4th
10:30 a.m.Dhamra Talk at Sunday Service

Suggested Fee:

$120 per person in advance, $140 at the door

Residential Retreat:

$25 per night stay at the Rime Center
Online Event Registration: Click Here.